Teams in the Winter Domestic Competition are coordinated by Individuals/Parents. There are no Club based teams in the Winter Domestic Competition. 

Please note Mandurah Basketball are currently facing an excess of emails in regards to COVID, Winter and all other Basketball related needs. Our staff have also been hit with COVID and most are working from Isolation. Please assist us by reviewing all of the information before contacting Mandurah Basketball. 


The Teams in the MBA Winter Domestic Competition are coordinated by parents/Individuals. There are no club based teams in Winter. 

How do I play in the 2022 Winter Domestic Competition?

Firstly if  you are currently playing in a team, speak to your team about who is interested in playing or who has a team for winter.

OPTION 1 :  Join a team.
If you do not have a team then please sign up to our Waitlist and our Facebook Group >  Mandurah Basketball – Fill ins

Please note that by signing up to our waitlist you are NOT guaranteed a spot on a team. Your details will be registered to Mandurah Basketball Association and we will disperse your information if a team requests help for additional players. Whilst we do try to form teams from the waitlist it is up to Waitlist parents to volunteer as Coach and/or Manager.  A side note is that we do favour players whose parent/guardian or other reliable adult are willing to step in to those roles. (We do not always need you to coach or manage but it is helpful if the volunteer coach or manager has a back up if needed)

OPTION 2 : Form your own team and register

What you need to form a team:

  • A Coach and Team Manager (Can be the same person but is very helpful to have two people.)
  • Knowledge of the Bylaws and Rules 
  • 7 Registered players
  • A set of uniforms (You will need your own set. These are not provided by MBA or Clubs)
  • $80 Team Nomination Fee

TEAM AND PLAYER NOMINATIONS will open on Monday 14 March 2022 and close on Tuesday 12th April 2022

If you require more information please contact

MARC | Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre
HH | Halls Head Recreation Centre
MALC | Murray Aquatic and Leisure Centre (Pinjarra)


Registration links open on Monday 14 March 2022 at 4pm

Team spaces are limited and are likely to fill quickly. 

Team Registrations close on Tuesday 12 April unless Competition reaches team capacity prior. 

Player Registrations will be open from Monday 14 March and will close on Monday 12 April.

Teams without a minimum of 6 registered players by Monday 18 April will be removed from the team list and any team on the waitlist will be offered your teams spot. This is to ensure teams are not forfeiting first round games or withdrawing from competition once games start.




Log in to your PlayHQ Account 
> Top Right – Select your name and the drop down box
>Select the team you wish to register to
>Select Squad.
>Bottom Right – Participant Registration Link. Copy Link and send to your players. 

PAYMENT PLANS : Payment plans are only available via OPENPAY 

  • Create an Openpay account
  • Call the office (08) 9550 3849 with
    • Your Name/Your Childs Name
    • Your Team Name
    • The Age Group
    • Your Email Address.
  • Create a plan over the phone. 


To apply for Kidsport and for more information about Kidsport please check out >>

Redeeming your Kidsport Voucher

You will  need:

  • Your Kidsport Confirmation Number
  • Your Childs First and Last Name
  • Your Childs Birthdate
  • Your Team Name
  • The age group they are playing in

Step 1 : FORWARD your Kidsport confirmation with Code and amount to

Step 2 : Include in the email :  

  • Your Childs First and Last Name
  • Your Childs Birthdate
  • Your Team Name
  • The age group they are playing in
  • Contact Phone Number

Step 3 : You will be sent a player registration to your email.  You must complete this registration to register them in to a team.

NB: If your kidsport voucher does not cover the full amount of the season fees you will be required to pay the remaining amount over the phone or in the office before you will received a registration link.

Fixtures, Results and Ladders can be found HERE


Playing Top 

  • Each team must provide their team with a matching set of appropriately designed playing singlets. 
  • Club uniforms must be approved for use by the respective club if being used for Winter. 
  • Playing singlets must be singlets and not tshirts.
  • We encourage teams to invest in reversible singlets to avoid any clash singlets. 


Playing shorts must meet the published MBA Domestic Uniform Guidelines for the competition. 

Junior Domestic: All Junior Domestic players must wear:

  • MBA Shorts which can be purchased HERE

Senior Domestic: All Senior players are permitted to wear:  

  • Plain Black Shorts (No logos No pockets)
  • All shorts must be no shorter than MID-THIGH
  • Plain Black Leggings
  • MBA Shorts than can be purchased HERE

 Uniform Clash 

In the event of a uniform clash, team B shall be responsible for an alternate uniform or clash singlets. 


  • Each player in the same team shall have a unique number. 
  • In accordance with the FIBA rules, numbers between 00-99 inclusive are approved by MBA. 


The wearing of undergarments such as ‘Skins’ or ‘compression wear’ shall be consistent with the predominant colour scheme of the uniform, or black or skin toned. 

 Non-Compliant Apparel 

It is illegal to play with the following: 

  • Wearing jewellery. 
  • The only jewellery that may be worn is a smooth wedding band, on the proviso that it cannot easily be removed and that it is covered with tape. 
  • A medic alert bracelet may be worn around the ankle and either taped or secured under a sock. 
  • Other jewellery is not permitted. 
  • Long nails. 
  • Nails must be short and blunt. 
  • Nails cannot be taped under any circumstance. 
  • Wearing headgear/ hair accessories, that have the potential to cause injury. Long hair may not be worn in a way that may cause injury to other participants. 

Please click the links below for Domestic Manual and Domestic Bylaws.

MBA Domestic Competition Manual

MBA Domestic Competition Bylaws

Head over to our >> waitlist page for more information and to register to the waitlist.

Please also join our Facebook Group >> Mandurah Basketball Fill in Players

For information about forfeits please click HERE


  • All injuries are to be reported to the MBA Games Controller or designated First Aider on duty.
  • The MBA Games Controller (or designate) will control and manage the situation and all parents, coaches, managers, spectators and players are obliged to follow their direction and delegation.
  • The Games Controller also has a Blood Spill Kit.


Please head to for all information about the BWA Membership insurance and information about how to make a claim.


If you find that you or your child get injured during the season and are unable to continue playing for the remainder of the season you are able to submit a request for a refund. Refunds based on injury do require a medical certificate to confirm the injury. 

Please contact for more information

Amiria Driscoll | Competitions Administrator

Office Reception
08 9550 3848