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2022 Restructure of the Officials Accreditation System

The purpose of the restructure of the accreditation system is to line the teaching and curriculum of Basketball WA up with the National Standards.

Basketball WA are committed to the development of referees at all levels and through this restructure will show a clear development pathway for metropolitan and country referees while making the Level 1 accreditation more attainable in less time than the previous model.

Officials Restructure 2022

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Courtside Online Scoring Information

COURTSIDE Is a tablet based electronic scoring App that integrates with the Sports TG software platform.

As of the 4 February 2019 MBA will have Tablets available for scoring on each score bench. Don’t stress paper score sheets will also be available on the score bench until everyone gets familiar with this system.

Don’t be scared of this new technology, every association that this system has been implemented in it has been quickly adopted as it is far easier than the paper scoring system.

Benefits of this system are, automatic “correct” score updates, player qualification reporting for finals eligibility, reduced administration for staff and volunteers and clear player eligibility for each game.

Any Mandurah Basketball parents or referees already familiar with this system we welcome your assistance in training others!

MBA will be conducting training sessions to our Clubs and Managers in January/February 2019 as well as providng online resources to assist you all.

The system instructions are in the attachment below.

Courtside User Guide for Referees & Scorers

Basketball Australia Courtside Learning Videos