Dear MBA members, Partners and Sponsors,

Mandurah Basketball Association in partnership with Sports Chaplaincy Australia is very proud to welcome Jon Perry to the MBA Family. As we step forward and measure MBA against our Association values, Jon’s role within MBA fills the gaps that develop Unity, culture and respect. Jon is a volunteer in our organisation trained to listen, support, assist and advise to all members, partners, employees, sponsors who may need help, someone to talk to, advice/direction, connections to private & government services.

SCA ( is partnered with most major sporting organisations such as our very own Perth Wildcats.

Jon will just be around, he is very approachable and happy just to listen, all interaction with Jon are private and confidential, he is in essence MBA’s very own wellness officer.

Jon was born in America but his heart is in Australia. He has grown up playing basketball, watching the greats like Jordan, Bird, Shaq and Jason Williams and he believes it is the greatest game on earth. Basketball has taught him many life lessons about teamwork, responsibility, and goal setting. 

The Board of MBA understands that there are members, families, partners struggling with different circumstances in life, as a service to our community MBA’s partnership with SCA is vital to bringing us together as a family and community that loves the game of basketball.

Don’t be afraid to have those tough conversations, there is a team behind SCA that will support our members through all crisis’s, every day a basketball family is dealing with unemployment, death, suicide, drugs, bullying, cultural understanding and a mired of other issues.

We believe this role within MBA is critical to the direction and culture we strive for as a major organisation within the Peel region.

If you are able to support MBA in delivering and expanding this service, please contact us.

Please make Jon welcome.


“As a Sports Chaplain I plan to be visible and available during game days and throughout the week. I plan to be a social support to players, coaches, volunteers, and family members. If you are going through struggles and are in need of help please come and have a chat. I will serve without discrimination and partiality. My plan is to build up the Mandurah Magic Family by listening, supporting, and encouraging this community.”