Dear MBA members, partners and Sponsors,

Mandurah Basketball Association Board has appointed two new members to the Board.

Pieter Gerretzen has joined the Board taking over the MBA relations Portfolio, Pieters enthusiasm and willingness
to assist MBA in establishing this essential Portfolio will benefit MBA and the promotion of Basketball in the Peel
region. Pieter’s experience in Journalism, Sponsorship acquisition, ideas and knowledge of social media platforms will
enhance our profile and communication ability.

Travis Vernon has been appointed as Finance Director of MBA, Travis brings a lot of experience in large business
processes and finance governance. We look forward to Travis assisting MBA in budget management, future project
saving and implementation.
Vera Bailey has moved from MBA relations to Domestic Director.

Please make them feel welcome and say hello when you see them around.

Together we are Magic.

Kind Regards

James Waldeck

New Board Members Announcement