Forfeits and Fill ins

COVID : If you or your players are sick. Please stay home.

Failure to start the game on time when a team does not have at least four players present and ready to play will
result in a 2-point penalty being awarded to the opposition for each full minute that the game is delayed (with the
exception of the U9 competition).

If a team does not have four players who have legally taken the court within 10 minutes of the scheduled starting
time, they shall lose by forfeit.

Where sufficient notice has been given (per Bylaws), no fine will be levied on the first offence for the season.
Subsequent notified forfeits may be fined $30 at the discretion of the Domestic Director.

Where insufficient notice has been given, a fine of $60 may apply for the first and subsequent offences at the
discretion of the Domestic Director.

Where a team has fielded an illegal player an unnotified forfeit will apply, and a $30 fine may be issued at the discretion of the Domestic Director.

You can start all games with 4 players. 

Contact your club or other teams in your club (Email or Facebook groups) and ask if someone from a younger age group or a lower division is available to fill in. (Players are only permitted to register and play for 1 club though out the season) 
Junior Players can “PLAY UP” up to 3 times in a season without cost. 

Contact other teams from lower divisions to fill in.
Put a post in our Facebook Fill in Page asking if anyone is available > Mandurah Basketball – Fill in Players 

If your team is unable to field a team then please contact the Mandurah Basketball Association as soon as possible.

Process for notifying a forfeit:

Email at least 24 hours before forfeit : and

Phone (08) 9550 3849 to confirm notification. Please leave a voicemail if the phone is attended.

PLAYING UP OR CASUAL PLAYERS (Single Game Vouchers, including FIFO Players) Fill in or playing up players
▪ Players can fill in for any competition which they are eligible to play in.
▪ Fill in players must purchase a Single Game Voucher (SGV) prior to the game.
▪ Players who fill in without purchasing a SGV will cause that team to forfeit.

▪ Any player not registered with any domestic club will be permitted to take the court for up to three games
per season as a “casual player”, utilising a Single Game Voucher (SGV) at a fee set up by MBA.
▪ The player must be an eligible player and must currently be affiliated with BWA.
▪ The player must purchase a SGV from the Games Controller prior to the commencement of the gametime.
▪ The player details must be manually added to the scoresheet, and their SGV number noted.

▪ Upon evidence of FIFO/DIDO employment to the MBA office, during usual MBA office hours, a player may
purchase unlimited SGV’s to play in one team only throughout the season.
With the exception of FIFO/DIDO players, non-financial playing up, fill in and casual players are not permitted to play
in finals unless they become financial prior to the finals and have played the required number of qualifying regular
season games for the finals team. The current number of qualifying regular season games is five.

SGV’s are non-refundable or deductible from future player registration fees.


All players must have a current BWA Membership.